How to Sell eLearning to Internal Stakeholders


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How to Sell eLearning to Internal Stakeholders

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing workplace, and post-pandemic, eLearning is now the essential tool for rapid and immediate employee training and development to remain competitive. Management approval and support is always essential for any elearning/training program’s success but so is having the support from actual users like employees.  Your role to create and implement effective eLearning solutions is only half the battle. The other half is convincing senior leaders, operational managers, and employees to invest time and resources into these programs. Implementing an eLearning program, or any type of learning program, is more than just proving users will gain new skills. You must build a convincing case to get the buy-in from all levels of stakeholders about how your proposal will improve organizational performance, be cost-effective, and be value-focused. Ajay will address how to identify the primary stakeholders in your organization and anticipate their questions and expectations and leverage the RADAR model to build consensus.

In this course you will discover to:

  • Define learning within a business context
  • Identify the needs of your primary stakeholders
  • Answer questions from various stakeholder levels
  • Make learning accountable for operational issues
  • Apply RADAR to address common decision-making concerns
Course Details
– 1.5 hour course.
– Learn at your own pace.
– Videos & captions
– Knowledge Assessment
– This is a self pace learning
– Receive a certificate of completion