Sam Rogers presenting the "Learning Ecosystem Essentials" 1hr video course

With this 1hr video course, you’ll form a comprehensive overview of Learning Technology platforms and workflows, and gain the context you’ll need to seize new opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls. Together, we’ll cover the key functions and dependencies of a Learning Ecosystem, including: infrastructure, data, compliance reporting, and other training administration needs.

This training breaks down industry jargon and is ideal for those starting a new role or working with a new team:

  • Leaders who may not have a background in Instructional Design, Systems Architecture, or Training Administration
  • Technical experts in L&D who sometimes struggle to explain their work clearly to others in their organization
  • Trainers and Facilitators seeking greater understanding of back-end processes and systems supporting their delivery
  • Teachers and Administrators in academic institutions with an interest in transitioning to a corporate setting
  • people familiar with how Online Training used to work, but who could use a current update and quick refresher
  • anyone new to Learning & Development, Performance Improvement, Customer Education, or related fields

Whether you are tasked with serving an internal or external audience, by the end of the training you will be able to assess what kinds of learning solutions make the most sense in where you work, and be ready confidently engage with key stakeholders and collaborate with others to deliver clear business value.

SPECIAL NOTE: There is a DOWNLOADABLE Resources & Recommendations Guide to accompany this course. This resource is available in the final lesson.

Course Instructor

Sam Rogers Sam Rogers Author

Over the last 20+ years, Sam Rogers has served clients in rapidly-scaling startups, heavily regulated industries, multinational mega-companies, non-profits, and more by optimizing their learning technology infrastructure, content creation workflows, training administration, change management approach, and analytics & reporting. He serves as President & Principal Consultant of the learning consultancy Snap Synapse. “We can only change as fast as we can learn, and that the speed our people can learn and adapt to change is now THE key differentiator in the marketplace. I help create and operationalize learning strategies that work where you work.”

Learning Ecosystem Essentials


What Others Have Said

By: Gary Nelson

The Learning Ecosystem Essentials course provided a comprehensive understanding of today's dynamic learning system. The instructor was knowledgeable and conveyed the material clearly and with enthusiasm. His expertise in the field of eLearning compliance was evident, making the course both credible and highly educational.